Thursday, February 26, 2015

Just some sketchbook drawings from a few figure drawing nights... Enjoy!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

My appreciation of artists models

I just want to take a moment to express my appreciation for the unique types of people who fit into the category "Artists Model".  Be they male or female, it takes a special personality to do what they do.  In a world full of artists, they play the rare and important role of muse.  For me personally, I would have never found the artist within myself had it not been for them.

For anybody who thinks it's easy work to be on display - completely nude - in a room full of people (some strangers some not) who scrutinize the details of your body for hours at a time, I dare you to try it.  I simply could not.  It takes a level of courage and confidence that many including myself do not possess.  Sometimes I wonder how models could even exist at all.

The internet makes it easy to find alternatives to working with live models.  You could work from numerous photography sources.  There are videos geared for working with timed poses.  But there is no substitute for working with live models.  With a live model, you have dimensions.  You have chemistry.  A live model is sure to get your full attention.

The work is not easy.  The pay is seldom good.  So I just want to say to all who work and have worked as artists models - THANK YOU!  Your work means more to me than you know.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Having just introduced myself to the Blogger community, I will now waste no time showing the art I mentioned in my first post.  This is probably a good time to mention that my art focuses primarily of the female nude.  Apologies to those whom I've offended.

Below are some oil paintings from life.  Generally speaking, these are 60 minute studies...

In 2005 I went to college and studied engineering.  I took loans and my parents paid what they could.  But after a couple years I became disillusioned and unmotivated. I flunked out.  I have my regrets of course but make no excuses.

So I entered the working world with little more than a high school diploma.  My education came in the form of long winters spent on construction sites. Night work at a liquor store.  I tried (and failed again) at taking online courses.  In the words of Charles Bukowski “My ambition is handicapped by laziness”.

In the construction sites, in the liquor store... all around me were brilliant, creative people sprinkled in among the bozos.  Their creativity gave them reason to believe - reason to exist - in a seemingly pointless and crushing world.  I decided I needed a reason too.  So somewhat late in life I developed an interest in being an artist.

I have zero formal training.  I know sometimes that shows.  But that's OK because finally I have a reason to feel motivated.  I have tapped into my own creativity.

The people I know all say the same thing: you can't make any money doing this.  So far they are correct on that point.  But at least it gives me my reason to believe.

Thank you for finding and reading my blog.  With luck I will post things of interest to some people here.  Maybe even make a connection or two along the way.  Take a look around. Please feel free to make comments. It's OK I have thick skin! Enjoy!